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Don’t Post Duplicate Ads

Please don’t post duplicate ads! Your ads not expire for 3 months, so, promote your ad link for more exposure. again I request you, please don’t post same ads many times. If we find your ad is duplicate then it will not be published and deleted. Thanks for your co-operation.


You are agree to our terms of posting ads as follows:

Please follow the rules for posting classified ads on www.Princeclassified.com  , if violation of rules your ads permanently deleted from site.

  • Do not post adult contents.
  • Do not post Gambling sites or Casinos.
  • You agree to make no such promotions that involve unlicensed use of materials protected by copyright or trademark law.
  • Do not post duplicate ads.
  • Don’t post Unlimited Earning Program Schemes or Jobs.
  • Warez or any attempt to defraud.
  • No spam software may be advertised.
  • Keep the site family safe.